How to set up

Astro Hounds Basic and Astro Hounds Plus
In order to get started, you will first need to download the app and mint an Astro Hound of your choice that fits your current situation and goals. You are also able to take a quiz to determine your ideals Astro Hound if you so choose.
Once you have your Astro Hound NFT ready to go, connect your wallet address to your app in order to get ready for your rewards and activities. That is all you need to get moving and earning with Astro Hounds basic.
To unlock Astro Hounds plus, and therefore start engaging with a whole range of complex activities, you need to connect a werable fitness device to your Astro Hounds app, directly or via a health app that tracks your activity from your wearable device. Any wearable device can be used as long as it is a reliable tracker of physical activity, heart rate, and sleep. Wearable gadgets include: Apple watch, FitBit watch, Kore watch, Oura ring, Whoop wrist band.
Don’t have a wearable yet? No problem, you are still able to walk, run or Jog - using GPS with Astro Hounds basic.